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Glass Cleaner

An aerosol glass cleaner that is quick and easy to use. Perfect for removing dirt, insect squash and traffic film,leaving a smear free, squeaky clean finish. Its non-drip formula makes it perfect for sunroof applications. Both foam and clear versions available. Ammonia free.

Easy to use clear glass spray

Outstanding non smearing liquid glass cleaner that removes dirt, insect squash and traffic film for a clear finish.

Ammonia free.

Extremely quick and easy to use.

Silicone Free


SHAKE CAN WELL. Spray onto glass from 10-15cm. For best results polish off with Autosmart Fibre-optic cloth or paper to leave a bright, crystal clear finish.

Sizes Available


20/20 clear glass cleaner 400ml

SKU: 5029925201502
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