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Designed for cutting verges, orchards, grass and light hedge maintenance.

With hydraulic offsetting this robust flail mower can be extended or retracted effortlessly from the tractor seat. Hydraulic articulation allows the cutter to be angled to suit the job in hand. Adjustable from vertical to 60 degrees downwards for ditch cutting. Requires dual double acting spool valves on the tractor. The arrangement of 20 hinged hammer flails revolving horizontally on pivots with rear roller to maintain height above ground allows the flail mower to be used on both a smooth lawn and uneven grass verge.


The colour may not be as in the picture.

Verge Mower

Excluding VAT
  • £285 delivery on a pallet within 5- 10 days

    Or collection from our warehouse near Tavistock Devon 

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