field grass roller

Rear ballast roller.

Fill with water for extra weight. Strong robust construction with 600mm diameter roller and 6mm wall thickness, robust bearings and 80mm box section frame. C/w drawbar and 3 point linkage.

5ft (1.5m) £1160 + vat

6ft (1.8m) £1270 + vat

Chain grass harrow

Galvanised frame.

Framed Heavy Duty Reversible Tines, Galvanised

6ft (1.8m) £850+ vat

8ft (2.4m) £950+ vat

13ft (4m)  £1295+ vat

slurry tanker 1200 litre

Hydraulic opening gate valve 

Can be used as a water bowser or for spreading slurry 

Ideal for watering golf courses and sports fields 

Complete with Spreader plate and 6" suction pipe.

1200 litre £3950 + vat


2400 litre £4950 + vat 

2 and 4 cu m.

Fits to drawbar with pick up eye and separate PTO drive to tractor. Reinforced loading edge and 1 inch simplex drive chain. Manual cantilever reinforced lid. Galvanised.

2cu m £3900 + vat


4cu m £4700 + vat

Post Hole Borer

6", 9" OR 12" Auger

Twin flights & replaceable tips.

Easy to use. The auger drills into ground as the 3pl is lowered and pulled out of ground as the 3pl is raised

Machine £995+ vat 

Auger £250+ vat

plastic fert spreader.jpg


Plastic Hopper.

High quality finish,  fitted with stainless steel spreading disc and 4 stainless steel adjustable fins for longer life. Mechanism designed to spread left or right if required. 

250 litres

6-12m spreading capacity

250 litre £770 + vat 

Post Knocker

200kg Hammer

Low Centre of gravity for stability.

Hydraulic Side Tilt

3m High Mast

Easy to use post clamp

Single acting spool required on tractor