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Designed to prepare a fine tilth seed bed, ideal for deep rooting plants. This cultivators dig depth is adjusted by use of skids. Semi offset to cover wheel tracks. Gear Driven. Three point linkage mounted CAT I. A useful prop stand keeps the machine steady whilst not mounted.

Power Harrow

A power harrow is a great choice for less rocky areas with no grass and is essential for aerating the ground.

Spring steel blades aggressively churn soil to a depth of 6 feet, evenly distributing it over the entire working width. The roller gently levels off the aerated soil to create a perfect seed bed.

Stone Burier

The stones, clods, old turf and debris are centrifugally separated out and thrown to the bottom of the soil profile. A screen at the back of the machine gradually releases the renovated material with the finest soil at the top, this then passes under the mesh roller which gently levels off the soil leaving a bed perfect for seeding.

Fitted with a standard CAT I 3-point linkage. Fitting and removing takes minutes and turns your tractor into a superb landscaping tool.
10mm heat treated spring tines set at 6 tines per 300mm will produce the finest tilth ready for planting.
Useful for aerating and weeding the tines can also be angled or reversed for the levelling and spreading of soil, compost, bark chippings etc. Also a great tool for renovating and levelling gravel paths and removing cut grass from horse paddocks.
A diverse tool with many uses such as removing weeds from ponds and even seaweed from beaches. Fully adjustable through 360 degrees

Ideal for raking grass and leaves, also aerating sand schools, can be used as a harrow





Fitted with a standard CAT I 3-point linkage

Ideal for leveling out tracks & roadways or removing humps from fields.

Has two cutting edges for pushing and pulling soil or gravel.

£650+ vat

Ideal for cultivating soil where crops are to be planted.

The ideal companion for your compact tractor.

The sharpened angled blades break up your top soil and create the finest tilth. Will turn stubble into ground ready for planting in 1 pass. Exceptionally rigid frame.

Offset blades for finer tilth. 16" Diameter notched and sharpened blades, for increased penetration






ripper tine.jpg

3 Leg or 5 Leg

The ripper cultivator is suitable for most small tractors. Adjustable leg height with replaceable tips

1.2m width 3 tines £650 + vat

1.5m width 5 tines £750 + vat

pipe layer.jpg

70mm pipe

Ideal for pipe or cable laying, can be used just as a ripper tine .

Single leg with replaceable hard wearing tip.

£695 + vat

two furrow plough

Two furrow

160mm depth

12” furrow

Weight 80kg

£750 + vat

single furrow plough 12 inch

Single furrow

Screw or pin displacement.

Inclination control with depth control wheel.

12” furrow, weight 45kg

£650 + vat

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