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new logsplitter 2019.jpeg

25 ton push galvanised

Will split across the grain. Splits logs up to 18 inches long and 3 feet in diameter. Operates from rear tractor hydraulic quick connectors. Cat I, weights 310kg

£1595 + vat


6" input width

Up to 6” rotary input width to the automatic rotary in feed, fast chipping of all types of wood stocks. Complete with hydraulically driven, variable speed double roller for in feed.

Directional 360 output shoot and adjustable end shoot for accurate collection of chippings

£2950 + vat




Up to 10cm thick logs

Converts logs to firewood in seconds.  3 metres long and 10cm thick is turned into firewood in just 3 seconds. The length of firewood produced can be set up to 25cm.

The power requirement varies according to the type of wood. Birch for example requires 50hp

£1995 + vat

Forestry Mulcher

1.8m width

Heavy duty

Hydraulically opening back door.

Ideal for scrub clearance. 

1.8m £2950 + vat

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