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Flail mower

Designed for cutting grass in fields, parks, orchards, etc. All Flail mowers are fitted with high power gearboxes for a robust drive, resulting in hassle-free mowing. The rear roller ensures the rotating cutting hammers maintain the user set cutting height, allowing the mower to be used on uneven or level ground. 1.65m and upwards have an additional hydraulic shift, which requires a double-acting spool valve on the tractor, allowing the operator to adjust the offset of the mower during operation.

fence post flail mower

Flail mower fitted with side arm to cut around fence posts while you mow. Self - contained hydraulic tank. Flail mower comes complete with hydraulic side shift for added manoeuvrability. 1.5m requires 30hp and the 1.7m requires 40hp. This flail mower has a motor with an oil flow of 50 litres and hydraulic pump oil flow of with an 18 litre oil tank capacity. Double acting spool valve required for the side shift operation of the mower.

verge mower

Designed for cutting verges, orchards, grass and light hedge maintenance.

With hydraulic offsetting this robust flail mower can be extended or retracted effortlessly from the tractor seat. Hydraulic articulation allows the cutter to be angled to suit the job in hand. Adjustable from vertical to 60 degrees downwards for ditch cutting. Requires dual double acting spool valves on the tractor. The arrangement of 20 hinged hammer flails revolving horizontally on pivots with rear roller to maintain height above ground allows the flail mower to be used on both a smooth lawn and uneven grass verge.

flail mower reversible

A powerful reversible flail mulcher designed for front or rear mounting capable of pulverising 40mm thick material. Ideal for mulching grass, bracken, brambles and any other overgrown vegetation, the implement can function in both directions of PTO rotation. Heavy duty hammer blades and hydraulic side shift to offset the machine are fitted as standard. It boasts a robust steel frame and an electronically balanced rotor mounted on fully enclosed, self-aligning bearings.


Galvanised and can be used inline or semi-offset, complete with shear bolt PTO shaft and heavy duty blades . Height adjustable skids provide users with four different cutting heights between 6-15cm. Toppers are economical grass cutters and are primairly used for cutting scrub or topping fields. For a closer finish owners should consider a flail or finishing mower.

topper galv 9ft.jpg

9ft Inline, shaft driven topper has twin rotors, galvanised body with skids and height adjusting wheels.

Cat II three point linkage with pivot headstock.

Designed for tractors with 75 – 105hp.

ATV Flail Mower

TeRaW ATV flail mower with petrol engine, cuts the grass into shorter lengths giving a finer cut, with rear roller and electric start.

The mower is fitted with Y blades and an adjustable tow hitch.

Finishing Mower

Ideal for cutting lawns and golf fairways. Galvanisd body, the reinforced caster wheels feature solid rubber floatation tyres that can be adjusted to the cut length you require between 2.5-10cm. Unique easy grease points allows owners to maintain their own finishing mower without removing any guards. Fully floating three point hitch to obtain best cutting finish, even on undulating ground.

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