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Ø (mm):230

Thickness (mm):1,9

Hole (mm):22,2

Dimensions (mm):230 x 1.9 x 22.2

Price for 1 disc

Extra thin cutting discs have a low friction surface. This allows fast and cool cutting.

Blue discoloration of the workpiece can thus be reduced. The burr-free cut saves the operator from laborious reworking. Product advantages:

• Low development of burrs

• Low spark level

• High cutting speed

• Long life

• Cool cut

• Low odour build-up

For materials:

• stainless and acid resistant steels

• high-strength steels

• hardened steels

• Hardox

• high-strength plates

• plastic-coated sheets

All cutting discs for stainless steel are iron-and sulphur-free. Do NOT switch between mild steel and stainless steel when machining workpieces.

9 inch Cutting Disc, steel, thin

SKU: 775F80-23020
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