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Engine-powered sweeper for leaves, grass, and rubbish. For ATVs or smaller tractors with 50 mm tow bar ball hitch. Stiff brushes effectively sweep up loose materials and discharge them into the hopper that holds approx. 500 l/150 kg. Comes complete with a hand throttle to allow you to vary the speed of the brushes from the driver's seat.
Variable sweeper roller adjustment using a crank, substantial front grassland tyres, and spring-loaded rear pivot wheels, and the hopper is easy to empty with a manual winch.
A 5.5 hp petrol motor powers the sweeper roller via a centrifugal clutch and belts; the engine is fitted with an oil level monitor which shuts down the machine at low oil levels. The 120 cm working width makes it an effective tool when collecting leaves and grass from lawns and parks.

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